Tempera Paint Set MASTER CLASS Saint Petersburg Professional

Tempera Paint Set MASTER CLASS Saint Petersburg Professional

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Set of professional extra fine tempera colors Saint Petersburg MASTER CLASS, 10x46ml tubes. The paints are produced on the basis of high quality organic/non-organic pigments and polyvinyl-acetate dispersion and used in traditional painting as well as in decorative and design works. MASTER CLASS tem

Product details, Paint Type, Tempera, Surface Recommendation, Cardboard, Poster board, Paper Mache, or Wood, Brand, Master Class, Color, Ultramarine,

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Tempera Paint Set Master Class Saint Petersburg Professional Artist 10 colors 46ml Made In Russia


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Artistic tempera paints Master-Class by Nevskaya Palitra are perfect for painting and decorative work. The set includes 12 colors in tubes of 18ml each on a cardboard base. Most colors in the palette are single-pigment and have the highest lightfastness rating. The paints are vibrant, bright, and clean. The balanced palette allows the artist to solve many creative tasks. The paints are easily applied to paper, cardboard, wood, ceramics, primed and unprimed canvas.

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