Cloth & Paper Bookbinding

Cloth & Paper Bookbinding

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Early books were issued in simple paper wrappers or bindings. The owner then took his new purchase to the local bookbinder where it was bound to his liking. As the production of books increased with the coming of the industrial revolution, cloth was introduced in the early 19th century as a less costly alternative to […]

The book cloth is perfect for bookcover, box, photo album, menu, book binding, velvet box making, handcraft, DIY craft and as well as many other

39.4x16.5 Inch Book Binding Cloth Imitation Leather Bookcover Coffee Suede Fabric Paper Backed Bookcover Bookbinding Supplies Book Cloth for Book

Cloth & Paper Bookbinding

Using a Meeting Guard to Allow the Pages to Freely Open

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Using a Meeting Guard to Allow the Pages to Freely Open

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Pleasant Touch and Fine Texture: made of quality suede fabric, the Eeuropean book cloth bookcover is designed with fine texture and comfortable touch,

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